FloorFlex Cable Tray System

  • Has no maximum height limits
  • Fits all access floor manufacturers’ makes and models
  • Can be easily re-configured to accommodate changing needs
  • Offers extremely cost-effective installation in both new and retrofit applications
  • Allows full use of standard 2’ x 2’ grid spacing with no conflict with access flooring under

An under floor cable management system to provide maximum accessibility & flexibility

Designed, patented, and engineered with innovative features and benefits that provide extremely efficient cable management while significantly reducing your life-cycle costs, the Act/FloorFlex System is the right choice for every data center, switch room and general office application. By making full use of standard 2’x2’ grid spacing, the FloorFlex cable tray system is so flexible that it can be installed or retro-fitted without conflict with the access flooring structure itself.

Because the system is based on 24-inch and 48-inch modules, it has the strength and versatility to be ramped up or down beneath the finished floor surface depending on the number of cables to be carried by simply adjusting the height of the vertical supports. For multi-level applications, the system can also be installed in a stacked or parallel configuration.


  • Can be retrofitted in any existing access floor Installation - even under cables already in place.
  • Profile can be as low as 1.25” for general office applications.
  • Brings wiring and cables as close as two inches from the finished floor surface for easy access and management.
  • Carries heavier loads than comparable systems due to extra-sturdy construction that employs 18-gauge horizontal support on 24-inch centers.
  • Allows clear, unobstructed air flow in computer room, switch room and general office plenums.
  • Keeps cables safely off sub floor to protect them from damage, moisture and debris.
  • Vertical support channels surround access flooring pedestal bases for greater stability without affecting pedestal integrity.
  • Supports provide positive grounding to the under structure on one-foot centers.
  • Available for seismic installations.
  • No need to remove and replace understructure stringers and bolts, a significant labor cost savings.

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