Visual Data Center

  • Improve network and power port mapping
  • Improve facility planning in the areas of space, power, cooling and connectivitity
  • Centralize power, cooling, environmental, and security monitoring/alarming to a single interface
  • Automatically search the network & provision active devices to reduce implementation timeframes
  • Locate assets, track & report detail device locations, owners, deployment, purchase dates, configuration settings and more

Centralized data center monitoring and operations management solution

Visual Data Center is a centralized data center monitoring and operations management tool designed to empower today's data center and facilities managers with the ability to improve the management of their mission critical environments. VDC provides a unique holistic view of each facility from the floor plan level all the way down to the individual rack mounted device level so that critical monitored data can be easily accessed and managed at both the macro and micro level with one tool. With the new 3D user interface, users can get an unprecedented view of critical facilities as a true 3D modeled image.

Through the effective use of Visual Data Center, organizations can monitor, visualize, trend and report critical data which results in improved data center performance through efficient operations, reduced energy consumption, better capacity management and accurate planning. Compared to other multi-module solutions, Visual Data Center is less complex and easier to deploy which results in a shorter timeframe to full utilization and faster return on investment.

For more information on Visual Data Center enterprise edition or to schedule a product demonstration contact your Data Center Resources representative today!


Visual Data Center provides an overhead view of your data center with color-coded attributes

Rack Builder displays all devices and logs information on service history, network ports, power outlets and more

View real-time thermographic image of data center

Configurable dashboard view provides a quick overview of data center conditions

Visual Data Center provides an overhead view of your data center with color-coded attributes


  • Manage, track and document all unreachable, warning, critical and device trap alarms
  • Manage moves, and add changes to workflow processes
  • Improve data collection, trending, and reporting capabilities
  • Benchmark energy utilization, cost, and track consumption to identify areas for improvement
  • Report real time PUE and DCiE metrics
  • Monitor and trend temperature and humidity down to the rack level
  • View facility in real time thermographic images and humidity clouds
  • Build 3D models of floorplans and rack elevations
  • Track asset location and configuration
  • Improve services, maintenance scheduling and management

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