EasyView Clear Floor Tile

  • 1500 lb. load rating
  • TopSet leveler adjusters
  • Patented actuating frame levelers
  • Replaceable clearview scratch resistant inserts
  • One panel fits most all new or existing raised floor systems

Designed for easy viewing of valves, meters and underfloor cavity

The sub floor space in many data centers used to look like a spaghetti maze of cables or a storage room for computer boxes. However, those obstructions had a major impact on the performance of under floor air delivery. To improve cooling efficiency, many data centers are clearing out those boxes, managing cables and paying better attention to the sub floor conditions. Clear floor tiles not only provide a quick glimpse of the general condition of the plenum space but also allow for seeing displays indicating temperature and air pressure underneath the tile. This can be valuable information in recognizing cooling issues before they become dangerous to critical equipment.

Also, more data centers are using chilled water supply and return pipes to cooling cabinets, in row chillers and heat exchangers. Clear tiles allow for easy monitoring of gauges to determine water temperature and pressure. They can also be useful in ensuring there are no leaks in pipe connections.

Product not intended for static or dynamic equipment loads.

ClearView panel

Patented actuated frame levers

Replaceable scratch resistant inserts

TopSetâ„¢ leveler with liebert handle key inserted

ClearView panel


  • Virtually unbreakable
  • TopSet levelers are designed for easy leveling to different raised floor panels
  • Long lasting clarity
  • Available in a number of different static dissapative textured powderplate coatings (colors)
  • UV resistant
  • Highest rating for plastic
  • Static dissipative textured powderplate finish eliminates delamination & missing/broken edge trim issues.
  • CC-1 code approval
EasyView Clear Floor Tile Models
Part #DescriptionDimensions 
EasyView clear floor tile
1500 lb load rating
Adjustable levelers
24" x 24"

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