Clarity Matrix LCD Wall

  • Reliable operation & simplified service
  • Optimized for uninterrupted 24/7 operation
  • Ultra-thin (3.5") profile for minimal installation
  • External rack mounted electronics for simplified service
  • Nearly seamless LCD with only 5.7mm between images space

Pre-configured near-seamless video wall system which is wall mountable. Includes advanced processing to allow multiple inputs across up to (9) 50" displays.

The Clarity Matrix LCD wall delivers the ultimate new media display solution. Optimized for uninterrupted 24X7 operation, the Matrix solution is an ultra-thin bezel LCD wall system that provides outstanding visual performance, extended operation and requires minimal installation space. Nearly limitless in ways the screens can be arranged to create a giant image and easily switch to show multiple images on each screen, the Matrix can also defy the rigidity of other displays because it can be configured to be concave or convex to follow a rounded design.

The Matrix system was architected and developed by industry experts in a way that specifically addresses the challenges faced by all video wall installations: mounting, alignment, reliability, extended operation, maintenance access, effective image processing and management.

At the heart of the Clarity Matrix architecture is a distributed design that takes heat, complexity and unreliability out from behind the LCD panel and replaces it with a centrally located, easily accessible and highly reliable rack-mounted system.

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  • Clarity Matrix combines an ultra-thin profile and unique tiling optimization features in an integrated, mission-critical system design. Clarity Matrix utilizes commercial-grade 46" & 55" LCD panels with breakthrough narrow-bezel characteristics resulting in just a 5.7mm pixel-to-pixel gap between images using the 55" model.
  • Clarity Matrix features the EasyAxis mounting system, designed to facilitate the thinnest profile LCD video wall in the market. The combination of the mount plus the Matrix LCD Modules “blade” design result in video walls that measure a mere 4.5 inches in depth, screen-to-wall, as opposed to other designs that require 60% more clearance. The LCD module's EasyAxis adjustment cams facilitate precise 6-axis alignment, ensuring uniform, minimized image-to-image gap.
  • Once the Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall is cabled together, a start-up utility allows the LCD modules to automatically discover their position in the wall and display the position within the wall on the front of the panel itself. This discovery process greatly reduces the complexity of configuration and is designed to be highly flexible in terms of physical cabling schemes. LCD module control can be accomplished via IR and on-screen menu or via RS-232 or LAN control software. The video wall supports Planar’s Big Picture Plus built-in processing which can scale a source across the entire video wall or any section chosen by the operator. For more complex configurations, the video wall can be driven by Planar’s Indisys™ image processing solution or any leading image processor or digital signage software solution.
  • Due to the streamlined design of the Matrix LCD modules, fewer repairs are required at the panel itself. When the panels do need to be accessed or removed, this can be accomplished without removing other panels in the wall. Starting at the top of the wall, panels can be pulled up and out into Service Mode, allowing the panel below to be accessed. Within each panel, the simple interface board can be disconnected and replaced using thumbscrews with access from either the front or the back of the wall. Panels can also be completely removed and replaced very quickly. The panels weigh less than typical LCD displays, are more easily handled, and produce no noise.
  • The rack-mount video processing and power supply units each support 4 LCD modules, incorporate their own cooling and make configuration, maintenance and upgrades easily accessible and unobtrusive to the video wall itself. For even further reliability, the Matrix power supply unit includes an n+1 redundant design so if any one power supply in the unit fails, the remaining 4 will continue to power 4 LCD’s with uninterrupted operation.
  • LCD modules incorporate a single simple interface board designed to distribute off-board power, video and control signals to the LCD panel keeping depth, weight, heat and points of potential failure to an unprecedented minimum.

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